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Landlords/letting agents

All landlords should be aware they have a responsibility to ensure their tenants safety.

Gas appliances owned by the landlord must be checked for their safe operation on an annual basis, this is the law and can lead to hefty fines or even imprisonment if these requirements are not met. Carbon monoxide poses a danger to life and should not be ignored, too many accidents occur every year through negligence.

Our inspections comply with current legislation and are carried out by a fully qualified CORGI engineer, all relevant information about the appliance is recorded and a certificate issued. Information gathered will include the following.

  • Appliance location.
  • Type. i.e. Boiler, cooker.
  • Correct operation of safety devices.
  • Correct ventilation.
  • Operating pressure.
  • Spillage test i.e carbon monoxide.
  • Flue tests.
  • Electronic Certificates.

Gasology has moved along with modern times and has invested in “Electronic Data Capture”

This means Landlord Certificates can now be e-mailed to you as a Personal Document Format (PDF) and stored on your computer. If you have multiple properties this will help manage your business and reduce paperwork.

Electronic certificates are our chosen method this can be emailed to you, but an old style pen and paper method can still be issued.

The certificate should be kept safe and for at least the duration that the property is let out. Although we advise that all certificates year after year are kept. Landlords with multiple properties can let us manage your gas inspections, we will send you reminders as inspections are due and liase with the tenant to arrange a visit.


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